Breaking News

At the school board meeting on Nov. 22, the board announced a facilities improvement plan.  According to Superintendent Dr. Jean Neal, the plan will "provide unique opportunities for students, staff and community members."   The district is excited about the changes.  Board of Education president Jeromy Spesard said at the meeting that board has used a variety of funding sources to minimize the budgetary impact on the district and community. 

The plan will address areas throughout the district that need improvement.  These include bathrooms, locker rooms, science labs and parking areas.   Fire protection and school communication systems will be upgraded. The plan also calls for upgrades to the baseball and softball fields, as well as the track.  

The athletic field improvements include turf infields for both softball and baseball.  New dugouts, batting cages, bleachers, press box and concession stand.  Scoreboards will also be updated.  The new track will be an all-weather 8 lane track.  The areas for field events will also be updated.  

The architect plans will be posted in the near future. Please see the attached PDF for a more detailed outline of proposed improvements: Improvement Plan Announcement